2020-2021 Officers
President Tyler Lane
1st VP Molly Masters
2nd VP Katie Hatlelid
Sec/Treas Wendy Becker
Past President Tim Fine


2019-2020 Directors
East Colleen Buck
Central Jesse Fulbright
West Josh Bilbao

State Committee Chairs
Pat McGlynn Horticulture and Turfgrass
Kari Lewis 4-H and Youth
Shelley Mills Agronomy and Pest Management
Lee Schmelzer Animal Science
Tyler Lane Sustainable Agriculture
Nikki Bailey Communications
Patrick Mangan Early Career Development
Wendy Becker Administrative Skills
Kaleena Miller Natural Resources/Aquaculture
Ben Hauptman Agricultural Issues
Jeff Chilson Public Relations and Agricultural Awareness
Rose Malisani Teaching and Educational Technology
Adriane Good Recognition and Awards
Kate Fuller Ag Economics and Community Development
Colleen Buck Scholarship
Callie Cooley Search for Excellence
Mike Schuldt Lifetime Member
Tim Fine Professional Excellence